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War in Space. The Science and Technology Behind Our Next Theater of Conflict
The Science and Technology Behind Our Next Theater of Conflict

von Dawson, Linda
IX, 206 Seiten; 24 cm x 16.8 cm
2019 Springer International Publishing
ISBN 978-3-319-93051-0
Besorgungstitel, bitte anfragen

With the recent influx of spaceflight and satellite launches, the region of outer space has become saturated with vital technology used for communication and surveillance and the functioning of business and government. But what would happen if these capabilities were disrupted or even destroyed? How would we react if faced with a full-scale blackout of satellite communications? What can and has happened following the destruction of a satellite? 
In the short term, the aftermath would send thousands of fragments orbiting Earth as space debris. In the longer term, the ramifications of such an event on Earth and in space would be alarming, to say the least. 
This book takes a look at such crippling scenarios and how countries around the world might respond in their wake. It describes the aggressive actions that nations could take and the technologies that could be leveraged to gain power and control over assets, as well as to initiate war in the theater of outer space. 
The ways that a country's vital capabilities could be disarmed in such a setting are investigated. In addition, the book discusses our past and present political climate, including which countries currently have these abilities and who the aggressive players already are. Finally, it addresses promising research and space technology that could be used to protect us from those interested in destroying the world's vital systems.  

Dedication.- Preface.- Chapter 1: Life Without Satellites.- Chapter 2: Space as the Next Theater of War.- Chapter 3: The Environment of Space as a Theater of War.- Chapter 4: Space Debris as a Weapon.- Chapter 5: A Summary of the US Space Program and Its Relationship to the Military.- Chapter 6: Who Controls Space and How.- Chapter 7: The Cold War and Missile Defense.-Chapter 8: Post-SDI Missile Defense.- Chapter 9: Satellite Technology.- Chapter 10: Preventing a War in Space.- Appendix A: Space Treaty.- Appendix B: Additional Resources for Space Warfare Topics.- Appendix C: Space Defense Terms and Programs and Their Historical Context.- Appendix D: Timeline of Missile Defense.- Acknowledgements.- Index.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern
Linda Dawson received her BS in Engineering Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and a Engineering Aeronautics and Astronautics MS from George Washington University at NASA Langley Research Center. She is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Science and Statistics at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Dawson served as Aerodynamics Officer for the Mission Control Center Ascent and Entry Flight Control Teams during the first space shuttle mission. During orbital phases, she served as an adviser on the impact of system failures on the orbiter's re-entry trajectory and configuration. From re-entry through touchdown, she was responsible for monitoring the orbiter's stability and control, advising the crew of any necessary corrective actions. Additionally, she serves on the Education Committee and the Space Committee for the Museum of Flight in Seattle. 

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