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Modern Discrete Mathematics and Analysis
With Applications in Cryptography, Information Systems and Modeling

XI, 521 Seiten; 23.5 cm x 15.5 cm
2018 Springer International Publishing
ISBN 978-3-319-74324-0
lagernd: Filiale Wiedner Hauptstr. 6

Preis: 120.99 EUR (inkl.USt.) 
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A variety of modern research in analysis and discrete mathematics is provided in this book along with applications in cryptographic methods and information security, in order to explore new techniques, methods, and problems for further investigation. Distinguished researchers and scientists in analysis and discrete mathematics present their research. Graduate students, scientists and engineers, interested in a broad spectrum of current theories, methods, and applications in interdisciplinary fields will find this book invaluable.


Chapter 01- Fixed point theorems in generalized b-metric spaces.- Chapter 02- Orlicz dual Brunn-Minkowski theory: addition, dual quermassintegrals and inequalities.- Chapter 03- Modeling cyber security.- Chapter 04- Solutions of hard knapsack problems using extreme pruning.- Chapter 05- A computational intelligence system identifying cyber-attacks on smart energy grids.- Chapter 06- Recent developments of discrete inequalities for convex functions defined on linear spaces with applications.- Chapter 07- Extrapolation methods for estimating the trace of the matrix inverse.- Chapter 08- Moment generating functions and moments of linear positive operators.- Chapter 09- Approximation by Lupas.-Kantorovich operators.- Chapter 10- Enumeration by e.- Chapter 11- Fixed Point and neraly m-dimensional Euler-Lagrange type additive mappings.- Chapter 12- Discrete Mathematics for statistical and probability problems.- Chapter 13- On the use of the fractal box-counting dimension in urban planning.- Chapter 14- Additive-quadratic ?-functional equations in Banach spaces.- Chapter 15- De Bruijn sequences and suffix arrays: analysis and constructions.- Chapter 16- Fuzzy empiristic implication, a new approach.- Chapter 17- Adaptive traffic modelling for network anomaly detection.- Chapter 18- Bounds involving operator s-Godunova-Levin-Dragomir functions.- Chapter 19- Closed-form solutions for some classes of loaded difference equations with initial and nonlocal multipoint conditions.- Chapter 20- Cauchy?s functional equation, Schur?s lemma, one-dimensional special relativity, and Möbius?s functional equation.- Chapter 21- Plane-geometric aspects of the Pohlke?s fundamental theorem of Axonometry.- Chapter 22- Diagonal fixed points of geometric contractions.- Chapter 23- A more accurate Hardy?Hilbert-type inequality with internal variables.- Chapter 24- An optimized unconditionally-stable approach for the solution of discretized Maxwell?s equations.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern
Nicholas J. Daras, Hellenic Military Academy, Department of Mathematics and Engineering Sciences, Vari, Greece.

Themistocles M. Rassias, National Technical University of Athens, Department of Mathematics, Athens, Greece.

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